Yaxiao Liu
Yaxiao Liu

Chief Information Officer (CIO), CAR Inc.

Mr. Yaxiao Liu is serving as Chief Information Officer (CIO) in CAR Inc. (www.zuche.com)

Mr. Liu is in charge of running a fleet for 90,000 cars. The business include rent-a-car services, Uber-like chaffering services and fleet management services. Mr. Liu lead the technical evolution in:

Before join CAR Inc., Mr. Liu’s served in IBM Greater China Group for 15 years. He was a Distinguished/chief certified architect by the Open Group. Mr. Liu was the Chief Technology Officer and Executive Architect in IBM Global Technology Services, GCG. He was the leading architect for designing enterprise architecture. He has successful experience in almost all major Chinese top banks, telecom operators, governments and internet companies.

Mr. Liu got his master degree in computer science in 1999 and bachelor degree in computer science in 1997 from the Department of Computer Science & Technology, Tsinghua University.


在加入神州租车之前,刘先生在IBM大中华区工作了15年。他是the Open Group认证的 Distinguished/chief certified architect 架构师。刘先生在IBM大中华区全球信息科技服务部担任CTO兼首席架构师职务。他的专长是带领架构师及项目团队进行企业架构的规划与设计。他的工作成果包括协助国内主要银行、电信、政府及互联网企业进行企业架构规划和新一代核心系统的设计。