Xianghui Song
Xianghui Song

Chief Engineer, China National ITS Center;

Secretary of C-ITS Group, China ITS Industry Alliance

Mrs. Xianghui Song is the researcher and chief engineer of the China National ITS Center, and she also serves as the secretary of C-ITS Group of China ITS Industry Alliance. Song’s research areas are Dedicate Short Range Communication (DSRC), ETC, V2I, and ITS standardization of these technologies.

Recently, Song focuses more on the topic of cooperative ITS (C-ITS) and its applications, and conducts a lot of applied fundamental researches. She studied and evaluated the feasibility of different types of wireless communication techniques for utilization on traffic safety, traffic information services, and road network management. She also organized the estimation of Chinese version testing method for V2I technique and application, joint the construction of V2I testing bed, and took part in the standardization work, which formulated the China National C-ITS Series Standards and the China ITS Industry Alliance C-ITS Series Standards.