Tom Kurihara
Thomas M Kurihara

Chair, IEEE VTS/ITS Standards Committee;

Chair, IEEE 1609 Working Group

Graduated from Stanford University with BA and The American University with MPA. Retired from public service with experience in project management, information and communication systems management and standardization, and public policy in agriculture, transportation, and defense. Since, have held positions in information technology systems standardization and development with private and not-for-profit organizations. Currently chairing IEEE Vehicular Technology Society P1609 working group and serving as expert and liaison officer among several standardization organizations, including ISO TC204, ITS; ETSI TC-ITS; ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC7 Systems and software engineering; ISO TC258, Project, programme, and portfolio management, and Society of Automotive Engineers Technical Committee J2735; DSRC Message Sets and Data Dictionary; and serving on US Technical Advisory Groups to ISO TC204, ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC7, and ISO TC176, Quality management. Member of IEEE VTS, Computer Society, Standards Coordinating Committee 42, Transportation; and Registration Authority Committee; ASTM Medical Informatics and Vehicle -- Road Safety, and Telecommunication Industry Association TR48, Vehicular Telematics. Member of professional societies including IEEE, Standards Engineering Society, and Project Management Institute.