Stephen Dukes
Stephen Dukes

Vice President of Conferences,
IEEE Consumer Electronics Society;

Board Member, IEEE Standards Association Standards Board;

Co-Chair, IEEE SCC42 Transportation;

IEEE Fellow

Stephen Dukes is an international leader and visionary with 37 years of business and technical knowledge holding senior executive and technical positions companies in telecom, cable, enterprise, and game platform industry sectors, with strong operational and development experience. He has extensive expertise in emerging risks, strategies and accelerated advancements in digital technologies. Mr. Dukes is President & CEO of IU, LLC., leading an international management and technology consulting group. He has served on eight corporate boards of public and privately held companies, with experience and knowledge on board executive, compensation, audit and governance committees. He serves on two boards. He served as chair or a member of 49 plus advisory boards and technical advisory boards with established companies and startups. Dukes has extensive knowledge relative to developments and deployment in emerging technologies and strategies, including migration to digital switching, digital video, television platforms and video on demand, digital data, cloud computing and storage, big data and the cost reductions and migration from hardware to software applications.

Mr. Dukes has extensive domestic and international experience with academic and industry in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan in the Asia Region and Hungary, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom in Europe, Canada, Israel, Monaco, Serbia and Russia Federation.

His major accomplishments, include leader and visionary of architecture design for the North American cable industry that invested more than $90B in capital to the infrastructure deployment, the CEO of MCNS responsible for management oversight and development of the Data Over Cable System Interface Specifications (DOCSIS) enabling high speed data, with over 140M cable modems deployed to the specifications, architect of one of the first Video on Demand solutions in 1984, development of the original virtual network for games and network games with 3DO in 1993 and member of team involved with the design and development of the first private X.25 data network.

Dukes consulted for over 35 clients, including ARRIS, Ciena, Hewlett Packard, Juniper Networks, Panasonic and Sony. He, also, has served as an expert witness for six clients involved with validity searches. He has provided technical due diligence to over 40 Venture Capital firms on start-ups seeking funding.

Mr. Dukes serves as member of the IEEE Standards Association Board and Senior Editor on the IEEE CE Magazine. He is Past President of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society serving during 2010-12. In 2001, Dukes was elevated to IEEE Fellow 2002 for extraordinary accomplishments.

Mr. Dukes holds a B.S. of Mathematics degree from the University of Washington. Dukes is a member of the Corporate Directors Group and holds a Masters Professional Director Certification, conferred by the American College of Corporate Directors, a director education and credentialing organization. He also attended and participated in 43 continuing education courses concentrated on computer science and electrical engineering, including graduate level courses from Columbia University, UCLA, George Washington University and University of Washington. Over the course of his career, he has attended over 50 technical conferences. He has published 19 technical papers and is a co-author of John Wiley textbook entitled, ”Delivering Internet Connections over Cable.”

Mr. Dukes is a military veteran serving in the United States Army, 1st Air Cav in Vietnam in the fire direction center and as a forward observer and United States Army Security Agency performing pattern recognition.

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