Moshe Nissan
Full Colonel Moshe Nissan

Head of OSR’s Cyber & Information Security Department

In his former position, Col. Nissan was the Head Commander of the Israel Defense Forces’ National Center for Cyber Security, Information Security, Information Assurance and Cryptography - the InfoSec Center.

He served for more than 26 years in technological and cyber defense units of the IDF C4I branch. Col. Nissan served for more than 15 years as a Security Researcher, Security Software and Hardware Developer, as Project Officer as Commander and also as Head Commander.

Col. Nissan led the development of cyber defense solutions and the operational readiness of the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) for cyber threats both from the technological side as well as operationally.

Col. Nissan has also served as the Commander of diverse technological units at the Ministry of Defense (IMOD) Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D) and the IDF-C4I branch and led the following programs and projects:

At his role as Head of the Cyber & Security Department of OSR Enterprises AG, Col. Nissan is leading the development of OSR’s cyber defense solutions against the next Generation Cyber Attacks. OSR’s Cyber & Security Department is with its “Cybcom”-unit standing at the spearhead of technological cyber defense. Cybcom is an proprietary dedicated Hardware and Software Cyber Prevention Learning System which is able to protect both OSR’s platforms and also other systems of the vehicle and ECUs also from next generation’s Cyber and security- related threats. CybCOM prevents Cyber-attacks and not just notifies about them retroactively. OSR’s Cyber & Security Department methodology is that Cyber-attacks cannot be prevented just by Software solutions alone and therefore also includes original unique and dedicated hardware defense solutions.

Furthermore, CybCOM is a Learning System and therefore cannot be reverse – engineered.

Col. Nissan also holds an EMBA and Bsc. of Electronic Engineering from the University of Tel Aviv, Israel.