Marc Boroditsky
Marc Boroditsky

VP & GM of Authentication, Twilio

Marc is a seasoned entrepreneur with 30+ years computing experience including 25+ years with start-ups. He has founded and financed four start-up software companies in electronic medical records, authentication and identity management and successfully completed the sale of the most recent one, Authy to Twilio and and before that, Passlogix, to Oracle.

He started in computer security with the view that authentication was too difficult for users since they needed to know an increasing number of passwords. This vision lead to his successful enterprise SSO company, Passlogix, which enabled SSO for a broad range of applications including client-server, mainframe and web-based applications. Passlogix lead the industry with more than 1,600 customers and 25 million users around the world. Following the acquisition by Oracle, Marc joined as VP Identity Management and drove growth at a multiple of the market and delivered new products for privileged access, mobile security and cloud SSO.

After leaving Oracle, Marc returned to the start-up world to help lead Authy, a two factor authentication (2FA) as a service vendor, generating nearly 4x growth in the first year, resulting in more than 11,000 protected apps and more than 2 million users. He's currently the VP & GM of Authentication at Twilio following the acquisition of Authy where he was President & COO.