Jet P.H. Shu
Jet P.H. Shu

APEC PPSTI Subgroup Chair of Subgroup Enhancing Regional Connectivity;

APEC PPSTI Advisor, Department of Industry Technology, MOEA;

Industrial Professor, National Taipei University of Technology

- Ph. D. Degree, Aerospace Engineering, Auburn University, USA

Work Experience
- Professor, Automotive Engineering Department, National Taipei Technology University
- Industry Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, of National Taiwan University, Chinese Taipei
- CEO of Europe and CSO of LiteOn Automotive Electronics
- President of eCho-Power System Company
- Deputy General Director of Mechanical and Systems Laboratories (MSL) of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
- Manager of Vehicle Product Development, Ford Motor Company
- Assist Researcher of CSIST

Technical expertise
- Electric Vehicle
- Automotive Propulsion System
- Automotive Electronic Engineering
- Rocket Science & Propulsion System Technology

- Outstanding Alumni Award, Auburn University, June 2010
- Outstanding Project Manager Award, MOEA, July, 2004
- The Best Project Award, MOEA, July, 2003
- 7th TongYuan Outstanding Mechanical Engineering Technology Achievement Award, July, 2000