Elsie Huang
Elsie Huang

Chinese Taipei’s contact person, APEC PPSTI
(Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation)

Ms. Elsie Huang is now the Chinese Taipei’s contact window of APEC PPSTI. She is also responsible for “Engaging in International Organizations and International Standards Formulation Project” of Dept. of Industrial Technology (DoIT), Ministry of Economic Affairs. As a junior researcher of Industrial Technology Research Institution (ITRI), she stays focused on policies and development of science and technology innovation, and is currently fully engaged in promoting public bike as the last mile solution of smart transportation through APEC project and related workshop and activities.

Meanwhile, Elsie helps to bridge the e-commerce and exhibition service industries under the guidance of office of Cross-Strait Exchange in ITRI. Before joining in ITRI, she worked as the project manager of APEC Digital Opportunity Centers (ADOC) program in Industrial Information Institute (III), which has created over 100 digital opportunity centers and trained over 500,000 people in 10 APEC economies.