Problem-Solving Workshops
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W1Cyber security in a connected vehicle environment
15:50-17:50, Nov 4, Tue
Room: Schubert 3, First Floor
Joachim Taiber, Director, Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) in Greenville, South Carolina, USA
Countries and Regions, like EU, USA, Japan, spend a hughe amount of money every year for the technological development in the area of connected/automated vehicles. Cooperation between regions has already been established on this subject since several years. Is there room for improvement on this cooperation? Which areas are already addressed. Which areas still have room for improvement. Is there a common roadmap for deployment or just competiotion between these areas?
W2Consumer experience and acceptance of connected / automated vehicles
10:20-12:20, Nov 5, Wed
Room: Schubert 3, First Floor
Stephen Dukes, Vice President, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society
Individual mobility supported by automated vehicles will be a new experience for the users. What's about acceptance and how will consumers explore new activities while moving?

(Combined with F8)
Reference Architectures and Required Standards for Connected / Automated Vehicles

What disruptive changes in the transportation industry will be enabled by next-gen ICT technology (5G, etc.)?
13:30-15:30, Nov 6, Thu
Room: Stolz 2, Ground Floor
Yu Yuan, Chair of IEEE SCC42 Transportation
Reference architectures have been proposed on the level of testing - there seems to be some overlapping between standard developing groups - which may cause additional effort for vehicle OEM and supplier industry. How far do we need reference architectures to ensure coordinated deployment, interoperability and the integration of future extended functionalities in the connected vehicle environment?

(Combined with F5)
New business models and ecosystems enabled by connected / automated vehicles. Visions of the industry

New use cases, services and business models enabled by connected / automated vehicles
13:30-15:30, Nov 5, Wed
Room: Stolz 2, Ground Floor
Mike Schagrin, President of Schagrin Consulting
Introduction of automated vehicles into the road transport system will introduce new services provided by new actors. There will be conflicting areas between new service providers and traditional infrastructure operators or transport operators.