Yu Yuan
Yu Yuan

Chair, IEEE SCC42 Transportation
(IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee on Transportation);

Standards Chair, IEEE Transportation Electrification Initiative;

Board Member, IEEE Standards Association Standards Board

Dr. Yu Yuan is a veteran researcher and practitioner in the areas of Transportation, Consumer Electronics, and Internet of Things. Currently he is serving as the President of Cate Global, a multinational think tank focusing on bringing world-class expertise to clients and projects in China, and the CEO of Motiveware Technology Co., Ltd. Prior to this he had been working on the Strategy, Ecosystem & Partnership for IBM Research - China and was also a key contributor to IBM IoT Technology Center. Dr. Yuan is experienced in the patent process and invention development. He has filed numerous patents and received many IBM Invention Achievement awards and IBM High Value Patent awards. Dr. Yuan has published extensively in referred conferences and journals, and he has served on the program/organizing committees of many major conferences. An enthusiastic leader in professional communities, Dr. Yuan is currently serving as the Chair of IEEE SCC42 Transportation, the Standards Chair of IEEE Transportation Electrification Initiative, the Standards Vice Chair of IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, a Member of IEEE-SA Standards Board, the Director of China Conferences at IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, the Chair of Vehicular Technology at IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, the Chair of Technical Committee on Software Infrastructure at IEEE ITS Society, the Publicity Chair of Land Transportation Division at IEEE Vehicular Technology Society, the Chair of IFAC Working Group on Connected Vehicles, and an Associate Editor of IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine. He is also serving on the TRB Standing Committee ABJ30 (Urban Transportation Data and Information Systems), ABJ50 (Information Systems and Technology), AHB30 (Vehicle-Highway Automation), and the IFAC Technical Committee TC 7.1 (Automotive Control), TC 7.4 (Transportation Systems), TC 7.5 (Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles). Dr. Yuan is a senior member of IEEE and a senior member of ACM.

About the IEEE SCC42 Transportation

Established by the IEEE-SA Standards Board and being supported by over 30 IEEE Societies and Councils, IEEE SCC42 Transportation (IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee on Transportation) leads the coordination of IEEE standardization activities for technologies related to transportation, especially in the areas of connected vehicles, autonomous/automated vehicles, inter- and intra-vehicle communications, and other types of transportation electrification. These technologies include but are not limited to Mobile Apps, Sensor Networks, and Communications that allow human to vehicle, vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to infrastructure, vehicle to platform, and vehicle to everything exchange of information and data. Where standardization needs exist, the SCC will develop guides, recommended practices, standards, and common definitions of terms.

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