Xiaojing Wang
Xiaojing Wang

Chairman, China ITS Industry Alliance;

Vice Chairman, ITS China;

Founder and Director, China National ITS Center;

Chief Engineer, Research Institute of Highway, Chinese Ministry of Transport

Professor Xiaojing Wang is the Chief Engineer of China Research Institute of Highway, the director of China National Intelligent Transport System Center, the chairman of China ITS Industry Alliance, and vice chairman of ITS China. Professor Wang’s research and work areas are traffic data collecting and processing, transport management, intelligent transport system (ITS), transport policy, etc. As the chief of Chinese national ITS expert committee, he directed the Chinese national pilot ITS projects and the ITS application for Beijing Olympics, Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asia Games.

He had been appointed as the chief expert of the national electronic toll collection (ETC) project by the Ministry of Transport in 2006. Now there are 26 provinces established ETC system. ETC users have exceeded 13 million. Since 2008, He and his team have developed China National Highway Network Monitoring and Management System, and the system has already covered 22 provinces. Now he is the leader of cooperative ITS technique framework and standard research project.

He has been the BOD member of ITS world congress since 2005, and also take the BOD chair of ITS Asia-Pacific. He was awarded gold medal in the World Exhibition of Young Inventors, issued by WIPO in 1991, and First Prize of Science and Technology issued by Chinese Ministry of Transport. He is recognized in the World ITS Hall of Fame at the ITS World Congress of 2012.