Riccardo Scopigno

Director of MLW Research Area of ISMB

RICCARDO M. SCOPIGNO (M.Sc. 1995, Ph.D. 2005, scopigno@ismb.it ) has matured a 19-year working experience in the TLC field, obtaining, in the meantime his Ph.D. His skills cover different aspects of the Telecommunication architectures, from theory to practice, as from his variegate working experience. He was a hardware designer for TLC systems in Italtel-Siemens (1997-1999); in Marconi (2000-2003), he worked as IP network engineer; he is currently Director of MLW Research Area of ISMB and is active in advanced research on wireless networks.

He is ISMB’s representative in ETSI, and also participates in C2C-cc, Smart City Stakeholders Platform, Ertico and ZVEI. He is author of over 80 papers on mesh network, WiFi with QoS, WiFi for automation and VANETs at IEEE conferences (VTC, VNC, PIMRC, QShine). He is acting as editor for a book on VANET with Springer Verlag (publication foreseen December 2014).