Mike Schagrin
Mike Schagrin

President, Schagrin Consulting International;

Former Program Manager, Connected Vehicle Safety & Automation, USDOT ITS Joint Program Office

There’s no question that connected vehicles, vehicle automation, and their eventual convergence towards “connected automation,” is a game-changer for the transportation industry. During Mike’s 20 years with the ITS Joint Program Office, he has had the good fortune of being in a pivotal leadership position with the connected vehicle program. And now, he is also leading a Department-wide initiative for developing a multi-modal vehicle automation plan. Mike has seen many changes since first starting with the ITS program, but nothing more profound than what we are about to see in the coming years – revolutionary changes in safety, mobility, environmental impact, productivity, and personal convenience.

Mike came to US DOT to work on ITS technologies in 1992 (then called IVHS). He believed in the Department’s mission and how his efforts could someday provide greater benefits for those he cared about and for society as a whole. And now, we are seeing those benefits materialize. While Mike has enjoyed his leadership position in the Department, he has decided to move in a new direction. Beginning October 4, 2013, Mike will be further advancing the research and deployment of ITS as a consultant; especially, in the areas of connected vehicles and vehicle automation. He is looking forward to the new opportunities and challenges that lay ahead and the prospect of continuing to work with many of you in his new role.