Jasja Tijink

International Standardization Activities, Kapsch TrafficCom

Jasja Tijink is a senior expert at Kapsch TrafficCom, a provider of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) that offers solutions in the application fields of road user charging, urban access and parking, road safety enforcement, commercial vehicle operations, electronic vehicle registration, traffic management and V2X cooperative systems. He is responsible for Kapsch TrafficCom’s international standardization activities, including coordinating teams of subject-matter experts and providing strategic guidance to achieve a set of standards that facilitates a viable and interoperable deployment. Jasja is a member of the Austrian delegations to CEN TC278, ISO TC204 and ETSI ITS standardization committees and has contributed to many ITS standards. He has a special focus on system engineering aspects, higher layer protocols, and information security; and he has more than 10 years of experience in designing ETC and ITS products and solutions. Jasja holds an M.S. in electronics engineering from the University of Rome.