Call for Demos

The ICCVE 2013 demo track provides a highly interactive way for researchers and practitioners to showcase their systems, applications, prototypes, or proof-of-concepts in any of the areas related to Connected Vehicles. We encourage demo proposals from both academia and industry. Submitted proposals will be reviewed by the Demos Committee and be selected according to the novelty, significance, timeliness, and attractiveness.

High exposure. Each accepted demo will be showcased in the hallway area of the conference floor for a half-day long session, allowing the demonstrators to have extensive interactions with the audience.

Simple submission. You don't need to write a formal, multi-page paper. You only need to send a simple email as your proposal to our Demos Committee ( Just include the following items in the plain-text proposal:

No copyright transfer. Demo owners are not required to transfer copyright.

Video demo and mock-up demo are also welcome. If it is too difficult for you to bring a live demo to the conference, a pre-recorded video demo or a mock-up demo is also welcome.

Each accepted demo will be provided with a table, a power outlet and wireless (shared) Internet. Demonstrators are expected to bring with themselves everything else needed for their demo. However if you have special requests such as a larger space, special lighting condition and so on, we will do our best to arrange them.

Important Dates
Proposal Submission Deadline: Nov 1, 2013
Notification of Acceptance: 10 working days after your submission
Conference Dates: Dec 2-6, 2013

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  Wireless Communications and Vehicular Networking
  Mobile Internet, Mobility Internet and Internet of Things
  Cooperative Driving, Intelligent and Autonomous Vehicles
  Automotive Electronics and Automatic Control
  Transportation and Connected Vehicles
  Electric Vehicle and Transportation Electrification
  Geographic, Spatial and Social Information Systems
  Manufacturing and Product Safety Engineering in Connected Vehicles
  Practices, Recommendations and Standards in Connected Vehicles
  Policy, Economics and Social Implications of Connected Vehicles

All demonstrators should register for the conference. To be included in the ICCVE 2013 Conference Program, a demonstrator of an accepted demo is required to register for the conference at the FULL or LIMITED (member or non-member) rate. Non-refundable registration fees must be paid prior to confirming the demo details that will be printed in the conference program booklet.

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