Jason Wagner
Jason Wagner, MPA

Associate Transportation Researcher, Mobility Management Group, Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Mr. Wagner is an Associate Transportation Researcher in the Mobility Management Group at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. Jason’s research experience covers a broad set of topical issues, but a common theme running through his work is the application of policy and economic analysis to develop creative solutions for challenging transportation issues faced at the federal, state, and local levels of government. His work often plays a role in advising state legislators and decision-makers on transportation policy, economic, administrative, and technological issues. He regularly presents his publications and research at various industry conferences and forums.

His most recent research on automated and connected vehicles sought to reduce the ubiquitous uncertainty surrounding these potentially transformative technologies by understanding their effects and identifying future needs. This recent research effort assessed how these technologies could affect transportation systems at the state and local level, determined potential policy implications, analyzed likely economic impacts, and identified areas for future research.

Selected other research areas include developing performance measurement and management systems for state and local transportation organizations, assessing potential applications of innovative transportation funding and financing methods like road user fees, and developing and implementing innovative web-based public engagement tools for local governments.

Mr. Wagner received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Master of Public Service and Administration from Texas A&M University in May 2011.