Visitors from most countries may need a Chinese visa to enter mainland China. Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao residents need to acquire entry passes.

You can apply for a Chinese visa at the Chinese embassy or consulate in the region in which you live. For most attendees, it is easier to apply for a Tourist Visa ("L Visa"). An invitation letter is generally not required for obtaining a Tourist Visa. You can also download an invitation letter in our registration portal.

For more information about the visa application requirements and procedure, please visit the following websites and consult the Chinese embassy or consulate in your region for official guidance.
* A Brief Introduction to Chinese Visa and the Procedure for Visa Application
* Tourist Visa (L Visa)

Various travel agencies can help you apply for your Chinese visa. Here are some examples, but you are welcome to check with your local agencies:

Should you need further assistance with your visa application, please send an email to