Yulin Jiang
Yulin Jiang

Deputy Chief Engineer, China Academy of Transportation Sciences, Ministry of Transport, China;

Director, China Urban Sustainable Transport Research Center, China Academy of Transportation Sciences, Ministry of Transport, China

Dr. Yulin Jiang is the Deputy Chief Engineer of the China Academy of Transportation Science (CATS) of the Ministry of Transport, and the Founder and Director of the China Urban Sustainable Transport Research (CUSTReC), a Beijing-based think-tank for sustainable urban transportation policy, planning and management.

Prof. Jiang holds positions on the Committee on Transportation in Developing Countries, ABE90 of USA Transport Research Board of the National Academies. She has also chaired many international projects, including Policy and Strategy for Sustainable Transport Development in China funded by China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Transport; QUANTIFY, a program seeking to quantify climate changes of global and European transport systems funded by European Commission; and Large Scale Dissemination for Clean Urban Transport. She also acts as a PhD supervisor in the field of transport environmental science and engineering at Dalian Maritime University.

Additionally, Prof. Jiang is the Secretariat General of a number of standard commissions, including the National Technical Committee on Urban Passenger Transport of Standardization Administration of China, National Committee on Rail Transit Operation Management of China Urban Mass Transit Association, Transportation Development and Reform Committee in Central Cities of China and the prepared Subcommittee on Urban Passenger Transport of China Highway Association. Through this rotating influential leadership summit, she enjoys a close working relationship with municipal and city transportation leaders, and has formed collaborative partnerships in Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Yinchuan, and other capital cities.

Her recent achievements include drafting Suggestions on Implementing the Strategy of Prioritizing Public Transport; participating in the drafting, conducting research on, revising, and finalizing Rules and Regulations for Urban Public Transport, the first legal document in China’s urban public transport industry; drafting the 12th National 5-Year Development Plan of the Urban Public Transport Sector; and participating in the drafting, revising, and demonstrating of Guidelines of Prioritizing Public Transport in Urban Areas, an assignment by the State Council of People’s Republic of China.

Dr. Jiang has published over 50 periodical articles and papers, and books as well. The books include: Case Studies of Rail Transit Accidents, Public Transport Management, Energy Saving Policy of Urban Transport in China, Smooth, Efficient, Safe, Green—Main Issues of Sustainable Urban Public Transport in China, Public Transport of the Typical International Cities, Transit-Oriented Development—The Concept and Its Practice in China, Annual Report on Sustainable Transport Development in the Central Cities of China (2008), Sustainable Transport Development in Chinese Cities: Challenges and Options, and Strategy and Policy for Sustainable Transportation Development in China.