Xiaojing Wang
Xiaojing Wang

Director of China National ITS Center;

Chief Engineer, Research Institute of Highway, Ministry of Transport, China;

Vice Chairman, ITS China

Wang Xiaojing has 30 years of research, development and training experience in traffic engineering, transportation management system, and Intelligent Transport System (ITS). He is the leader of the China national ITS architecture development team, chief of national highway ETC system and national expressway monitoring system. And he is the expert committee member of ITS projects in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. He was awarded gold medal in the World Exhibition of Young Inventors, issued by WIPO in 1991, and First Prize of Science and Technology issued by Chinese Ministry of Transport. He has been honoured for his contribution to the ITS community by introducing him into the world ITS Hall of Fame. He is also the founder and director of China National ITS Center, the vice-chairman of ITS China, and the professor of China Southeast University.