Stephen Dukes
Stephen Dukes

President, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society;

IEEE Fellow

Mr. Dukes is President & CEO of IU, LLC., responsible for management and direction of advanced technologies and strategic management group that advises companies in development and investment of existing and new technologies. The focus includes high speed data systems, integrated voice, data and video systems, interactive television and video on demand systems, DSP software libraries, real time operating systems, middleware, applications interfaces, renewable security systems, network standards, network architecture and topologies, semiconductor technologies for telecommunications networks and rapidly developing new applications and services. Mr. Dukes serves or has served on several public and private corporate boards and a number of technical advisory boards.

Previous Work Experience:
He was Vice President, Digital Broadband Technology at MediaOne responsible for broadband development and member of CableLabs’ DOCSIS Certification Board. He was Vice President, Technology with TCI, including network architecture, digital settop and conditional access system requirements and developments. He was CEO of MCNS Holdings, responsible for management of the DOCSIS specifications for data over cable networks and cable modem development with over 130M cable modems deployed to the standard. Mr. Dukes was Director, Advanced Network Technologies for 3DO responsible for network interface requirements to 3DO game platforms. He was Vice President, Advanced Network Development at CableLabs responsible for network architecture with $85B in cable infrastructure deployed, multimedia, wired telephony and wireless PCS. He was Telecom Analyst at Boeing Computer Services responsible for technical planning. Mr. Dukes held management and technical positions with GTE network engineering and planning.

Memberships/offices held:
IEEE Fellow (2002); IEEE member since 1976; 2010-12 IEEE Fellow Committee, 2011 TAB Awards and Recognition Committee, 2010-11 IEEE Smart Grid Steering Committee, 2005, 2008-11 IEEE Broadcast Technology Society Administrative Committee, IEEE Broadcast Technology Society Associate Editor, IEEE Technical Field Award Council, 2009 Past Chair of IEEE Masaru Ibuka Award Committee, 2007-08 Chair of IEEE Masaru Ibuka Award Committee, 2005-06 Member of IEEE Masaru Ibuka Award Committee, 2010-12 President of IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, 2005-10 IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Administrative Committee and 2009 1st Vice President, IEEE Consumer Electronics Fellow Committee, Industry Liaison Chair of IEEE Consumer Electronics Society's Games Innovations Conference 2009, IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Computer Communications (TCCC), IEEE 802.14 Cable TV Protocol Study Group, IEEE Communications Society/Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers Technical Committee on Broadband Distribution and Access

B.S. Mathematics, University of Washington

Co-author of "Breaking the Access Barrier: Delivering Internet Connections over Cable,” John Wiley & Son, along with 19 other publications