Richard Hulett
Richard Hulett

Chair, IEEE-SA Standards Board;

IEEE Life Fellow

Richard Hulett has 45 years of experience in engineering, R&D, marketing, and technical management. After graduating from Stanford University with a BSME (1964) and an MSME (1965) he worked for Raychem Corporation on performance rating and developing long-term reliability of self-regulating heating cables. As Technical Director in the 1980s, he led a technical effort to increase safety of electrical heat tracing systems in industrial applications. After joining Thermon Manufacturing in 1994, he worked on characterizing new metal alloy heat tracing capabilities and as Vice President of Electrical Products he worked on advancing conductive polymer heating technology. He is currently Senior Consultant for Thermon Manufacturing.

Mr. Hulett is involved in standards development related to heat tracing systems. He became active in IEEE 515, CSA 130, and IEC TC20B WG10 in the early 1980s. Currently he is Co-Chair of IEEE 515 and a member of IEC/IEEE TC31 MT60079-30. Mr. Hulett is also Chair of the IEEE-SA Standards Board and a member of the IEEE-SA Board of Governors.

Mr. Hulett has authored or co-authored 15 technical papers, holds two patents, and is a Life Fellow of the IEEE.