Oleg Logvinov
Oleg Logvinov

Director of Market Development, STMicroelectronics;

CTO, HomePlug Powerline Alliance;

Member, IEEE-SA Standards Board;

Member, IEEE-SA Corporate Advisory Group

Oleg Logvinov is the Director of Market Development at STMicroelectronics’ Industrial & Power Conversion Division. After graduating from the Technical University of Ukraine (KPI) with a Master’s equivalent in electrical engineering, he worked as a senior researcher at the R&D Laboratory of the Ukraine Department of Energy at the KPI. During the last 20 years Mr. Logvinov has held various senior technical and executive management positions in the telecommunications and networking industry. Mr. Logvinov currently serves on the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) Corporate Advisory Group and the IEEE-SA Standards Board. He also actively participates in several IEEE standards development working groups. Mr. Logvinov helped found the HomePlug Powerline Alliance and today serves as the Chief Technical Officer of the Alliance. Mr. Logvinov has fourteen patents.